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In a short paper, answer the following questions: • After having reviewed two papers that make use of a mathematical/computational model, what problem from one of them is still left unsolved? 

Include a sentence in your paper that begins with “The problem to be addressed by additional research is…” CISC600 Scientific Computing I Page 7 of 10 o Alternatively, what problem from one of the papers you reviewed is still not solved to your satisfaction (e.g., perhaps it is not as efficient as it could be)?

 o Alternatively, what is a problem from a different domain that might benefit from the technique(s) applied in one of the papers you reviewed? 

• What is the background on this problem? What information must one understand to be able to understand the problem? 

• What is the impact of the problem? Whom does it affect and how? Support the existence of the problem, its effects, and all factual assertions with at least four (4) scholarly peer reviewed sources. You may use popular and industry sources as needed and appropriate also. 

Format your submission according to the APA style guide. Remember that all work should be your own original work and assistance received from any source and any references used must be authorized and properly documented. 

Recommended length: 2-3 pages double-spaced not including front and back matter