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Description Main question: How do students’ perceptions of online classes influence retention, engagement, and course success? To write qualitative interview questions and conduct three mini qualitative interviews. For this assignment, you will need to conduct a mini qualitative interview (about 5-10 minutes) aimed to explore how people feel about the pandemic. You will need to write four open-ended research questions that are aimed to explore your chosen topic. I’ve included some possible topics related to the pandemic below but you can also come up with your own, as long as it is related to the pandemic: TOPIC IDEAS: The impact of the pandemic on mental health The impact of the pandemic on close relationships Experiences with online learning during the pandemic Eating at indoor restaurants during the pandemic Wearing a mask during the pandemic Where people get their information about the pandemic INSTRUCTIONS Identify a topic of interest related to the pandemic. Write down your topic in this assignment. Come up with FOUR open-ended research questions related to your topic. An open-ended question means the questions cannot require just a “yes’ or “no” answer. Write down your four research questions Now, it is time to conduct your interviews! Pick THREE people to interview. You will ask each person all four questions. Make sure to take note of each person’s answers as you will discuss them in this assignment. Describe EACH person. Why did you select each person to interview? Identify each person as “Participant A,” “Participant B,” “Participant C,” (not their actual names). Summarize each interview. Identify each person as “Participant A,” “Participant B,” “Participant C” Now that you have summarized each interview, review your summaries. What common themes emerged? Discuss the themes (meaning something that more than one person mentioned) in at least 3 sentences. Look at the summary from one of your classmate’s and comment on the themes they discuss. Did you have similar themes or different?