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I need a presentation text for a case “Bud Light Controversy”
Requirement: Case analysis and discussion
identify and present a real business case applicable to marketing & ethic topic . you will present a case analysis including
·  Identifying the decision point/decision maker
·  defining the ethical issue
·  identifying relevant facts and stakeholders
·  identifying options for the decision-maker
Our case is 
“No means no, unless you’re drinking Bud Light.
In April, the beer giant released their #UpForWhatever campaign.
Bottles read “the perfect beer for removing “no” from your vocabulary for the night.
The slogan was quickly blasted on social media for encouraging rape.
“Budweiser – a proud sponsor of American Rape culture,” one user wrote on Twitter.
Bud Light apologized for the “irresponsible behavior” in a statement and said it was “clear that this message missed the mark, and we regret it.” ”

You can search more about that on Google. The presentation is for “ethic in business” course, so write something about ethic is important.

I need a presentation text that can answer all the questions above, the script should be 2-3 pages so I can present in 6 minutes. It should be colloquial so that I can just read it.