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https://rutgers.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1BsId3S6vRIqGgZ this is the link of my survey questions, you may need that when writing the paper and presentation text.

For the requirements, see the first document but the headings change to following for both the paper and the presentation: 
introduction, research questions, research goal, hypothesis(need to state the dependent variable and independent variable)(u can reject two hypothesis and only focus on one of them), survey questions(2 questions per hypothesis), Application (regression analysis)

I need a presentation text for the phase 2, look the guidelines for the requirements, but the headings have a little change.
And the requirements for the final paper are also in the guideline, follow that strictly. Read the final paper example(the second document) before begin write it.
My hypothesis are   
v1. Increasing the cash back rate will attract more people to choose American Express Corporation 
v2. The appearance of the credit card can influence customers’ decision of whether they chose to be a member of the company or not
v3. More people will choose American Express credit card if the member fee is lower
need 7 pages for the paper not include the appendix and 3-4 pages for the presentation script

just make up the results for the online survey and questionnaires

Project Guideline     – Introduction: Background  – Research Questions   – Research Goal   – Hypotheses  Hypothesis 1: ___________________________ .  Dependent Variable:   Independent Variable:   2 Survey Questions per hypothesis (Capture the images)  Are they categorical measures or continuous measures?  Application: for example, chi-square analysis or regression analysis