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Description part one – 1. short introduction (Just talking about social psychology) 2. 2 studies that did represent common sense (The two studies are Standford Prison Experiment and The Milgram Experiment) 3. 2 studies that did not represent common sense ( Heavens Gate Cult and Hale Bop Comet Suicides) 4. my opinions/support part two – 1. study 1 and why it was important (This can be one of the studies listed above, or any other popular Social Psychology study) (I would do the Zimbardo study because it has a lot to talk about regarding abuse of power if given) 2. study 2 and why it was important ((This can be one of the studies listed above, or any other popular Social Psychology study) (For this one, I would do the Solomon Ash study or the Mozafer Sherif study since people conformed) 3. conclusion PART I: As noted in class/text, it has been said that research findings in social psychology actually reflect COMMON SENSE…so why bother to carry it out OR read it! Is this true? If so……….OR…… not……does that apply to ALL social psy study outcomes? Part I of this assignment asks students to respond to the question of whether one would/should have known about the results of at least two studies IN ADVANCE because the results basically reflect common sense! Can you identify 2 or more which in YOUR view really DO NOT reflect common sense? Support your positions & summarize your overall position as re: if social psy. research results merely reflect common sense (in general), at the end or beginning of Part I. ] PART II: The instructor noted that MANY of the most important/influential studies in all of psychology actually are related to SOCIAL psychology. Assume this to be true. Part II of this assignment asks for you to indicate what YOU think are 2 or 3 most important studies in SOCIAL psychology, and WHY…as is the case with Part I, the “grading” depends on how you support YOUR opinion/position. This is a PERSONAL REFLECTION project; students are not required to engage in any outside research, but are welcome to do so. There is no required page number, but based on past experience, most students required about 4 typed pages for completion. Students do not need to discuss a study selected in detail, but should at least briefly summarize the study identified. It is suggested that students use the studies presented in class and/or the text in order to be sure that a study selected is, in fact, a SOCIAL psychology study. Behavioral descriptions such as Groupthink are acceptable.