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For this assignment, please discuss the following as they relate to national infrastructure

What is the primary goal of discretion as it relates to the protection of national infrastructure?
What are the two distinct components of any program of discretion?
What is TCB, and how does it enhance discretion?
What are security through obscurity and its objectionable applications?
What is the management and security engineering task required to implement a national program of obscurity and discretion?

Please ensure that each question of this assignment has a subtitle (Centered Bold). For each question, you should write a minimum of two paragraphs. Each paragraph should have at least four (4) complete sentences and a DIFFERENT intext-citation supporting that section of your paper. Please read and follow all the writing requirements listed in the course syllabus.  Please read and follow the rubric for all assignments. The guidelines  of APA will be strictly enforced in every assignment in this course.  Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a reduction in  grade score