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For this assignment I would ask each student to pick any social issue that interests them and apply one of our 3 major theories (Functional, Conflict, Symbolic Interaction) to explain the issue/event. I’m not expecting a comprehensive explanation of any given social issue, but rather that each student attempt to apply a given theory to some social issue. There is no right or wrong application of theory in evaluating your submissions, but you will be graded on how well you understand and attempt to use a specific theoretical perspective. Some social issues you may chose could be: The recent economic problems and bailouts, climate change and the various political perspectives, gender inequality in (fill in issue), gay marriage, moving the Utah State Prison, political gridlock, medical marijuana, the recent police shootings and protests, school shootings, oil exploration and the environment, or any other issue you find interesting. 
Your submission should be 3 pages (not phone screen size), double spaced.  
This assignment is due by 11:59 pm, Friday, June 21st.