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Description Exercise Content Article Synthesis and Critical ReviewFind one scholarly journal articles (describing original research; not a review paper) on a topic of your interest Write a thorough, critical synthesis and comparison of the articles. Include the following sections/information in your paper. You may use this template to help organize your paper: Article Critique Template 1. Introduction, including:a) Article topicsb) Rough background of the literature c) What are the common theoretical frameworks across the article? Where do they diverge?d) Research questions and hypotheses 2. Briefly compare/contrast the research methods in the two articles, including:a) Research designb) Sample and sampling methodc) Identification and measurement of variablesd) Study procedurese) Data collection 3. Summary of the results for each study (limit yourself to 1-2 paragraphs for each study), including:a) Interpretation of the findingsb) Discussion of how the results connect with the research question(s) and hypothesisc) Discussion of what the study means in the big picture (how does it apply to society in general?) 4. Critique of each study, including:a) Strengths and weaknesses of the studyb) Discussion of possible flaws in the study and how they are connected to the study designc) Discussion of the generalizability of the study (both population and ecological) 5. Synthesis of the commonalities and differences in findings/significance of the two studies 6. Discussion of recommendations for future research, including:a) Recommendations to address the identified gaps or flaws in the studyb) Recommendations that indicate an understanding of research design 7. Conclusion, including:a) Summary of the main points of the studyb) Summary of the critique and recommendationsc) Discussion of how learning theory relates to the research Be sure to use APA style, including appropriate grammar, spelling, and mechanics, as well as citations and references. This paper should be no more than 7 pages of text, but you are welcome to make it shorter if your writing is thorough but concise. Be sure to hit all of the points in the evaluation rubric. Note: *A scholarly journal article is one that has been peer reviewed; An original research article includes the first time report of a research study or studies the author(s) conducted including methodology, results and discussion. If your article does not have a Methods section, it is not the right type of article for this assignment. If you’re not sure about the article you have selected, please ask (TEXT ME).