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Description Model Program Presentation In this assignment, you will provide a full description of the proposed model program you would like to develop to address your area of interest/passion and a community need/social problem. Once you have identified the social problem(s) and/or the community need(s) that the program you have created addresses, you will apply a program planning theory in detail and align it with the program activity/activities. You will present this information in PowerPoint and provide speaker notes to support your content. Assignment Directions As you create your presentation, please note that some content may require more than one slide to provide the information required. Be sure to also use the speaker notes area to support your slides, following the guidelines provided in the assignment requirements. Please addresses each of the following: A one-paragraph overview describing your program that includes the vision, mission, and goals of the program. Clearly state the social problems and/or community needs that this program proposes to address. Provide a description of proposed program activities. Be sure to describe the day-to-day program activities that the program will engage in to achieve its goal. Cite at least one theory from the literature that supports the rationale for the program interventions and activities you propose. Provide a refined version of a logic model that visually describes the program in logical terms of inputs, key activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact. Provide a concise action plan to implement your program that articulates priorities, timelines, and accountability. Be sure to discuss contingency plans and next steps needed to implement the program. Provide a refined outline of your evaluation plan that clearly states your program objectives and client outcomes. Be sure to include the type of evaluation (needs assessment, outcome, process, impact, etc.) and criteria used to measure program performance and client outcomes