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Essay Assignment:
After reading the articles, “Bullying and PTSD Symptoms” and “Linguistic Manipulation: PTSD and the Re-Training of Warriors,” compose a comparative rhetorical analysis. The rhetorical analysis should:
1. Discuss how well the features of structure, language and reference compare and contrast. That is, how well do the features on the conventions chart fit the articles read?
2. Be organized around the three areas of convention – structure, language and reference.
3. Clearly show comparisons and contrasts with examples from the articles.
4. Show the importance of your findings. For example, if the humanities is defined by using figurative, creative language, what does this say about this discipline?
5. Discuss findings that might contradict your assumptions about writing in the two disciplines. For example, why is there an abstract for the Humanities article?
Length and Style:
The essay should be 2 pages in length. You will write this paper in MLA style. Thus, you should have a proper MLA heading, numbered pages, proper font, and a properly formatted works cited page. Be sure that your in-text citations are correctly formatted and match the source info on the works cited page. You must write 2 FULL pages of text for this assignment to be graded.