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Description  fill out the questions below  The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand what psychology is and how it differs from popular ideas that many people have about it. 1.   Ask 6 people what they think psychology is or what they think that psychologists do.   Ask each to give a brief statement about what it is or what psychologists study.   Select a variety of people.   They should be people of various ages, genders, and educational levels. 2.   Record below,  the pertinent data about each subject (sex, approximate age, and educational level) and the verbatim response to your question.   DO NOT ADD TO THE RESPONSE AND/OR DO NOT TRY TO CLARIFY IT.   SIMPLY RECORD WHAT THE SUBJECT SAYS. 3.   After you have collected your responses, do an analysis, comparing what you were told by the respondents with the definition in your textbook. DATA COLLECTION SHEET: WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? SUBJECT #1   SEX______   AGE (approx.) _______ EDUCATION _________ Response: SUBJECT #2   SEX______   AGE (approx.)  _______ EDUCATION__________ Response: SUBJECT #3   SEX______   AGE (approx.)  _______ EDUCATION__________ Response: SUBJECT #4   SEX______   AGE (approx.)  _______ EDUCATION__________ Response: SUBJECT #5   SEX______   AGE (approx.)  _______ EDUCATION__________ Response: SUBJECT #6   SEX______   AGE (approx.) _______ EDUCATION _________ Response: DATA ANALYSIS:  1.   What patterns or trends do you see in the responses that you obtained?  2.   How accurate were the responses in comparison to the definition of psychology contained in your textbook?  3.   Do you think that age, gender, or education level had an influence on the responses that you obtained?   If so, why?   What type of an influence did these factors seem to have for your subjects?  4.   What misconceptions do people seem to have about the field of psychology?  5.   What did you find to be the most interesting about the responses that you obtained?  PART 2  Visit the HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY WEBSITE. Google or do an internet search for contributors ot the field of psychology. Review various theorists and contributors to the field of psychology. Which theorist interests you the most?  Why?   What surprising or thought-provoking information did you find in your review through the history of the field of psychology?  How does the area that you found to be the most interesting relate to your personality, interests, hobbies, etc.?