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Description Ethical Dilemma Paper: Prostitute for Terrorists (100 pts) Due at (11:59 CT) Due Sunday of Week 8 Complete a 2-3-page paper examining a situation and a choice between two options. You will need to make a choice and support your decision with elements of the readings and outside sources. Be concise, accurate, and compelling in your work. You will be evaluated on your choice, support for your argument, and your skills to elaborate and explain the deeper underlying ethical/moral aspects. The CIA has accomplished a major intelligence success. It has recruited a penetration of an important Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) cell in Hamburg, Germany. The new unilateral source, encrypted TZTYPHOON, is providing the CIA with extremely valuable intelligence on terrorist activities and personnel, not only in Germany but also throughout Europe. (Unilateral sources are not declared to the nation that they either reside in or hold citizenship. In this scenario it means Germany, nor any other European country, knows that TZTYPHOON is working for the US). TZTYPHOON’s information has proven to be accurate and reliable. Based on TZTYPHOON’s reporting, two ISIL operatives have recently been arrested in Madrid. Also, thanks in large part to his intelligence, an ISIL terrorist attack against the U.S. Embassy in Rome was prevented. At a secret safehouse meeting in Hamburg, TZTYPHOON asks his CIA case officer to provide him with a prostitute twice a month. He says it would be dangerous for him to frequent red-light districts in Hamburg, because he knows the German police heavily patrol the area, and he is concerned about the risk of disease. TZTYPHOON, therefore, asks the CIA to arrange a hotel room for him with a medically cleared prostitute the following week. After he makes the demand, he states that he has valuable information concerning the process, including names and locations regarding how ISIL moves members into Europe from Syria. He adds that if the CIA does not comply with his request, he will break off contact, and the CIA will lose him as an intelligence source. Would it be morally acceptable for the CIA to procure a prostitute for TZTYPHOON? Do not strictly base your argument on American national interests, but rather your argument must have a strong ethical component to its reasoning, regardless of your choice. The assignment must be written and submitted as a 2-3 page word document with 12-pt Times New Roman font. The Assignment will follow The Chicago Manual Style of citations. At least three academic sources are required to support your argument. Submit your paper via the Ethical Dilemma Paper: Prostitute for Terrorists link above.