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As before, this week you review 2 or more movies.  

If you wrote your feedback paper about both, please consider discussing some aspects of both movies here.  If you generally only wrote about one of the films in your feedback paper, please discuss the other one here (or both).  Put title of reviewed movie in your discussion title.

1) Undefeated: Is this replicable (regularly) at other city schools? Besides race, what other ways are the players classified?  How many sports can a poor, inner-city school win a state championship? Why not in other sports?  

2) Hoop Dreams: What is the impact of family for Arthur and William? What are the differences in strengths, weaknesses, values, etc?  Does this have an impact?  What impact does this have on high school athletes, regardless of urban, suburbs, or rural?  Does it impact the coaches?

3) Prison Fighters: What are your feelings on this prison system where a killer can be freed by winning sanctioned fights? Do you find joy in redemption or heartbreak in the lack of justice that the murdered son’s family feels?  

As before, if there is something that was really meaningful in watching these films that you would like to discuss, please write on that item.