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Abstract Check List:

Is the abstract a two-page overview of the entire Senior Project?

Is the abstract length within the two-page maximum? 

                                                                       Sample Abstract:

The purpose of the project was to design, implement, and evaluate an interpersonal relations training

program for telephone sales agents at the XYZ Company. In analyzing the reasons for the low sales

conversions, it appeared that a major contributing cause was inadequate interpersonal relations skills,

particularly in dealing with problem customers. Agents lacked skills in responding to the emotional

content of customer messages, tended to be either defensive or aggressive when handling problems,

and occasionally were discourteous to the customers. Based on the problem analysis, two objectives

were established: to increase the percentage of calls converted into sales and to increase the ratio of

positive to negative interpersonal behaviors, both within two months after training. A one-week training

intervention program was proposed consisting of a lecture covering the basic concepts of transactional

analysis, videotapes of effective and ineffective interpersonal behaviors, and sixteen hours of practice

on active listening and problem-solving behaviors. To test the impact of the training program, a

randomized pretest/posttest control group design will be used. One month pre- and two months’ post-

training sales data will be obtained from company sales reports. The data on interpersonal behaviors

will be obtained by analyzing taped sales calls. The results should show the trained agents to be

significantly higher on both performance variables.


The Evaluation Plan

Is the evaluation design named or described?

Is the size of the sample(s) stated and how the individuals were selected? 

Is a complete description of the demographic data included and how these data were used?

Is there a description of the manner in which the data were analyzed, indicating any statistical test(s) used and the level of significance chosen?

Is there a copy of all evaluation instruments, whether self-developed or purchased, included as part of the study?

Is there a description of the manner in which you developed the instrument, whether it was field tested and the results? 

Is there a description of all limitations to the evaluation plan? 

Are all the data collected directly relevant to the objectives? 

Writing Chapter 4


Objective Analysis Design

In this segment, list each objective with a description of how the evaluation design will determine if the objective is met. Questions, collection of data, pre- and post-analysis, etc. may be used to accomplish the task. Each objective may have a different method of collecting proof to determine if the objective was met. The number of segments in the chapter is dependent upon the number of objectives. Remember, however, results are not included in this chapter.

Data Analysis

This section indicates what data analysis and calculations are important to the research. Each calculation should be noted with an explanation of why it was selected.

Limitations of the Data Collection Plan

The weaknesses of the design is established in this part. It also includes what variables may hinder clear answers and what other factors could not be controlled. Every experiment or test has elements that cannot be controlled, and should be noted.


Evaluation Design

If there is one design for the entire project, it is best to describe the plan in detail. This provides the reader with a complete overview of the design and how it was administered.

Data Collection Plan

In this section, weave into the discussion of the data collection, the objectives to be reached by such a collection. Mention pretest and post-test collections and how they will be used statistically to gather proof of objectives being met.

Keep the collection plan simple. In its analysis, each objective will be closely monitored to see if it was met. Be as complete as possible. As a consequence, the reader will know the plan in detail and how to apply it to all of the objectives.

Limitations of the Data Collection Plan

This section denotes the weaknesses of the design, what variables may hinder clear answers, and what other factors could not be controlled. Every experiment has elements which cannot be controlled, and they should be noted.

Start each chapter with an opening paragraph that explains what will be found in that chapter. Furthermore, close each chapter with a summary paragraph specifying how this particular chapter is integrated into the entire Business Application Project.

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