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Discussion 1 
Communication Challenges for HR Professionals
This discussion is based on the following scenario:
Imagine an American who has never lived or traveled outside of the U.S. is suddenly being placed in a foreign nation to live and work. Consider that this is a new HR professional who is now working alongside 11 local HR professionals and together, is responsible for managing a local national workforce of 1,800 professionals, technical specialists, and laborers. The employer is in the oil industry and the factory is in the nation of Nigeria. What will be the greatest challenges faced by individuals in a culturally diverse workplace?
For this discussion, respond to the following:

Do you think there could be some gender role concerns since the group of 11 HR professionals contains 6 women and 5 men? Why or why not?
What specific challenges will the HR professional face in terms of communications with the HR team as well as the factory employees working in this nation?
What specific challenges could the HR professional face in terms of ethics?

Discussion 2 
Global Communications
Given what you know about the one of the countries you have studied in this course, what are the steps you must be most mindful of as a HR professional as you communicate across a global organization?