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– Social Issues 
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For this  discussion board, you will be discussing your ethnic background. If you  are not sure of your ethnic background, please ask a parent,  grandparent, relative, sibling, etc. If you are a combination of  numerous ethnicities (which is common) pick the one you are most  familiar with. Remember, ethnicity is learned so if you aren’t really  certain of your background, pick one that is common in the area you were  raised. If you have difficulty identifying an ethnicity, please contact  your instructor.

Once you have identified your ethnic background, go to the following website:


Once on the site, you will be locating the page that provides  information on your ethnic group. Most of you will click on  Multicultural America. If you are a recent immigrant to the U.S., you  will find the information needed from the home page.

Locate the page on your ethnic group. After reading the page, please provide the following for the discussion post:

1.       Which ethnicity you identify with

2.       How familiar/aware of your background you are prior to this  discussion. Is it something that was stressed growing up? Did you have  no clue?

3.       3 specific things from the website you looked at. This can include history, traditions, etc.

4.       Your feedback. Did you know some/most/none of what you read  about your ethnicity? Were you surprised to learn what you did? Does it  change what you feel it means to be part of your group?

Class Textbook: Strangers To These Shores, 12/e, Vincent Parrillo