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Design a Qualitative Study Discussion
(1) substantial initial post with a minimum of 280 words. All initial posts must contain
at least (2) professional references (must be within 5 years) properly cited in the
current APA format.

For the initial post Remember to ask a provocative question to prompt online discussion
with your peers using bold print at the end of your initial discussion.

Then reply to at least (2) classmates using a minimum of 170 words per reply (please
don’t start working on the replies unless I provide the student replies or tell you
to do so). All replies in the discussion forum should enhance the discussion.
Non-informative messages posted in the discussion forum will not be counted towards
the required number of replies for that topic.

Provide plagiarism reports for both initial post and student replies.

Discussion Topic:

Option 1: Write a plan to conduct a phenomenological study for the question: What is
the lived experience of a new nurse graduate?

Option 2: Write a plan to conduct an ethnographic study for the question: What are the
prenatal practices of Swedish women?

Option 3: Write a plan to conduct a historical study for the question: What is the
historical picture of early school nursing?