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Concept mapping is one of the methods to do it effectively, alongside such methods as tables, flow charts, diagrams, etc. Firstly, it will be nice to know about the history of this type of academic assignment before making the characteristics and main features of good concept map writing. So the history of concept mapping dates back to 1972. when the researcher – Joseph Novak and his colleagues from Cornell College made inquired about how understudies learn unused data and realized that meet transcript were not sufficient for understudies to get it the logical concept to the fullest. As a result of their investigation, they made a presentation of a concept map. 

For instance, a concept map is a quite good academic tool used for better understanding and learning scientific concepts. Also, it should be outlined differences between the mind map and the concept map, where the latter has the tree structure. For sure this type of academic assignment is not very hard, when you understand the basis idea of such type of work and you can learn essential writing tips of good concept mapping at  <a href=”https://essaysworld.net/make-my-concept-map”>https://essaysworld.net/make-my-concept-map</a>