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Company V Fitness:   Health and Wellness Gym for Women only-specializing in cardio, strength training, diet and nutrition.   

You are going to create a marketing plan for a new start up company using the format below.  You may not reuse parts of business plan that has been previously submitted to another course or one that has been graded in a prior course. This must be original work and meet the maximum 20% Turnitin originality rules.
The Marketing Plan Assignment is designed as a learning exercise to help students bring all of the learning from the course into one project. The Marketing Plan will be due at the end of the term and should be worked on throughout the course.
Each student will be required to develop a plan consisting of an absolute minimum 10 to 15 pages of content, not counting title page, charts, partial pages or reference pages, using 12-point font, 1 1/2 line spacing, in Microsoft Word format. The organizational format of the paper must follow the below format.  Any other format will earn a zero.  At the end of each chapter there is applicable information regarding the creation of a Marketing Plan.  The company should be business to consumer (B2C), not Business to Business (B2B).  The company shoulde be FOR PROFIT, and not NON Profit.  
All references used in the creation of the Plan should be detailed in a Bibliography list at the end of the paper. Papers must use at least 10 references.
Each Marketing Plan will contain information unique to the subject being researched and there is no “perfect” sample plan to review, however the format of the plan should follow the standard format outlined in these instructions.