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choose all the above because of Organizational Development and Change (Cumming 2014) state that a self-designing organization focuses in toward “All levels” and it’s an ongoing learning process. Beyond Empowerment (Kirkpatrick 2013) states that Freedom is what equal success, and when you have self-management, you have, happiness, control, and prosperity with inspiration and engagement.  In which makes the organization successful and presents principals. You can’t have one type of process without the others to be successful. The strategy is the bases of all things, and that is the glue to the structure and technology. The strategy is the choice of choosing, engaging, developing as well as implementing actions to the overall design and the mission of a workable competitive gain. When you have structure, it’s the foundation and framework that gives some Empowerment. Lastly, technology is the disputed information and putting that information to the test.  
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