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Chapter Six: Addiction Across the Life Span
This week we are discussing addiction across the lifespan. Please watch this Ted Talk by addiction expert, Dr Gabor Mate: 
Then compose a 300-word top-level post in ESSAY format that responds to these questions:
1. How does Mate define addiction and what does he mean when he says “we need to look at what’s right about addiction”? (i.e. what do people get out of their addictions?)
2. How does he relate his own shopping addiction to other addictions (i.e., problems that resulted in his life)
3. How does the human brain and its interaction with the environment impact addiction?
4. In his experience, how does early trauma and abuse impact addiction and what does he say about intergenerational trauma and its impact on addiction?
5. What are your thoughts on this TedTalk and the perspective taken by Gabor Mate on addiction?
*** Be sure to use examples from the readings and field trip to support your answers to the above questions.***
***Pay close attention to the DB rubric in Course Information so you get full credit!!***
Be sure to create one 300-word top level post in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered responses)