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5 April 2022

PS450: This Day in the Hx of Psychology

You will create a PowerPoint presentation about a significant event in Psychology’s history that happened on Your Birthday. (You will create it and submit it but you won’t present it).


Go to URL above. The content is organized by day. To find events for a particular day, open the Search by Month folder in the Navigator window to the right. Open the folder for the month you are interested in and then select the day. So, for example, my birthday is 5 November and, on that day, several things happened – one I am interested in is:

1896 Lev Semenovich Vygotsky was born. Vygotsky recast Soviet psychology in a mold consistent with Marxist thought. His special research interests were the social development of the child, especially as mediated by language, and the structure and function of consciousness and its relations to the unconscious. Vygotsky’s life was cut short by tuberculosis at age 37.

I’ve sort of heard of Vygotsky and would like to know a bit more about him. So, I chose him for this project.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation that would be about a 15 minute presentation (so a dozen or so slides). The presentation will include a slide that lists ALL events listed for that date on the Today in the History of Psychology website. You will then choose one item & research its importance in Psychology’s history. Include your references (should be five (5) or more). Your presentations can use video, or anything else to support your presentation. Remember. You will not present this in class but rather upload it to Blackboard. As part of this assignment you will view and leave a comment on 3 PowerPoints within 2 week of the postings (I’ll let you know when they are up and ready for comment). At the end of those weeks you will respond to any questions your classmates left (again, I’ll tell you when to do this).