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Description This week, you have been reviewing medical necessity, NCDs, and LCDs. This assignment asks you to review a LCD for the Blepharoplasty procedure and then use a provided template to create a job aid for other coders to use when reviewing this LCD. You will also use this job aid in an assignment you will complete later in this course. This assignment is part of the Writing Assignments and Graphic Organizers category, which makes up 5% of your total course grade. Refer to the rubric document to see how your work will be graded. You will have one attempt to complete this assignment. This group work assignment will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Select the assignment title to submit your work. DIRECTIONS: Imagine that you are a coding supervisor training new hires in the cosmetic surgery center where you work. You have decided to create job aids to help the new coders interpret LCDs and apply them to patient documentation to determine if medical necessity was established in patient documentation. Create a job aid for applying the Blepharoplasty LCD to determine if medical necessity was established. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment. Access the Blepharoplasty LCD in Find-A-Code. Select the document for detailed instructions on how to find this LCD: How to Access the Blepharoplasty LCD.docx How to Access the Blepharoplasty LCD.docx – Alternative Formats Carefully review the Blepharoplasty LCD. Using the information in the LCD, fill in the Medical Necessity Job Aid Template.docx Medical Necessity Job Aid Template.docx – Alternative Formats to create your job aid. You can access this template by selecting it. Save your job aid as a Word document. Submit your job aid by attaching the Word document. Rubric for Job Aid.docx Rubric for Job Aid.docx – Alternative Formats