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Begin your initial response to this discussion with a complete and referenced description of what social structure is and how it determines behavior.
Next, outline the social structure of your workplace. For this section of your response, describe the ways that people interact to accomplish the mission of the company or organization that you work for. What job related statuses do people hold there? For example, if you work in retail, there may be a store manager, department managers, sales staff, and stock clerks. How are the statuses in your workplace interrelated so that the work gets done and the mission of the employer is accomplished?
Explain two ways in which your own status within the workplace social structure determines how and with whom you interact at work. For instance, in the retail scenario, if you were a department manager, you would need to interact with the sales staff to give them their instructions to make sure that sales are on track. In that status, you would also need to interact with the stock clerks to give them direction on what items to put on the sales floor. In both of these interactions, your status holds more prestige, and you would expect that the sales staff and stock clerks would follow directions so that the company goals for sales were met.