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Answer the essay questions below with organized and well-worded responses.

Q1: Chapter 18 covers European technology designed to make urban areas more energy-efficient. Summarize what the authors believe make these projects successful.

Q2: While chapter 18 focuses on projects, the authors also talk about policy struggles for the EU. Two examples are page 396, the paragraph beginning with “Nevertheless, the eeMeasure methodology remains confined to a handful of projects…”, and the discussion at the top of pg. 400, including  “According to climate tracker all of the EU 27 countries have failed on their developments in climate and energy policies on the way to achieving their goals towards 2050.”
Consider both the successes and limitations of these projects and the EU policies.
Choose one of the questions below and answer with your opinion. Create an argument to support your opinion with reasoning and evidence.
1) In your opinion, are the kinds of projects described in chapter 18 likely to help the European Union attain its energy policy goals?
2) Chapter 18 focuses on the European Union. Would the kinds of energy projects described in chapter 18 be successful where you live (or another part of the world you are familiar with)?