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Answer each of the following questions with at least one paragraph per answer. You are to utilize your notes from the week six Black Panther Powerpoints, readings and of course the graphic novel. There will be an extra credit question at the end 

Where does the Pan-Africanist view of Black Panther come alive in the graphic novel? Reflect on any one of these elements: the rich cultural history, religious symbolism, political struggles, etc.

2) What is the origin myth (creation myth) of Wakanda? Use both Gods and tribes to articulate your points from the graphic novel and the clip from the film.
3) What are the clear similarities and differences in the graphic novel version of Black Panther: Avengers of the New World and the film clips we watched of Black Panther? Find one similarity and one difference.
Extra credit: Share your thoughts on the graphic novel, Black Panther: The Avengers of the New World by Coates. What stood out for you about this text and what did it make you think of, reflect on? Did you have any previous experience with the Marvel mythical hero?

Material to help answer the questions above