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Answer any two questions from below. 200-250 words

How large a data collection and analysis team (DCAT) is needed?  These individuals must understand both       the COOP, and the criticality of “getting it right”, so they will need       some level of training.
Data collection forms, critical data points (in time, space, and at specific junctures).
Should these individual be part of the actual backup team?  (Not a bad idea.)
What “rules of engagement” will be issued so that the DCAT will be free to collect data, observe operations, and ask the occasional question.
How long, after the drill, will senior management want a report on the results, and how long to revise the plan so that it can be re-tested?  (While a immediate post-test quick-look might be nice, these should not be “everything went well” placebos; a more-honest assessment is infinitely more useful!)
Who gets to play Murphy?  In this case, having the CEO or CIO actually announce the glitches can be very effective, but the individual who actually comes up with the ideas might       be a much more junior advisor…