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Analyse your personal approach to leadership using selected frameworks and theories from the readings for the Unit. Use the frameworks and concepts from the literature and class to analyse your behaviour and support your analyses with concrete examples.
The most important grading factor will be depth of reflection (that is, did you really try to think things through carefully?) and use of theory (that is, do you fully understand the theory and are you able to critically reflect on its usefulness for analysis of your experiences?).
Please use this as an opportunity for your own personal learning rather than worry about the grade. There are no right or wrong answers here. I will not scale the grading, so you are not in any way competing with your classmates.
This assignment will provide you with a powerful document that will capture your personal history as relevant to leadership, and a ‘contract’ with yourself for further developing your leadership capability.
As you will see in the four (4) readings about leadership set for this assessment our personal histories shape who we are, and implicitly, how we approach the leadership role. Exploring your personal history and understanding where you are now in your journey as a leader is essential for a productive approach in defining future goals and ways to achieve them.
In this assignment, you answer three questions: 1. Where have I been?

2. Where am I now?

3. Where do I want to get to?

Submit your Self-reflection before the designated time (late submissions will have their marks reduced per the Institute’s guidelines) via Turnitin).