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Description 1. Which disability model do you think has the most merit and why? 2. Chapt. 20: Before using religious coping strategies with a client, identify 2 types of positive coping mechanisms to help clients adjust to stress according to Pargament and what religious issues may be appropriate in an initial interview. Respond to this post. 2 types of coping mechanisms to help clients to adjust to stress and disabilities would be first to increase self-esteem and boost confidence in ones self. This will allow the individual to be confident in who they are and embrace the disability or stress that they are experiencing and learn to overcome these negative factors and either turn them positive or become more accepting. Another type of positive coping mechanisms is for the individual to try spiritual coping strategies to assist in the individual adjusting, accepting, and embracing the disability. Pargament even wrote about the fact that religious coping has been shown to add unique power to the prediction of positive adjustment for these individuals with disabilities after controlling for the effects of traditional coping strategies. Having spiritual coping strategies involved in the coping process can really assist in the growth of the religious coping strategy. The spiritual coping strategy allows the individual to grow to accept their condition and circumstances on a more serious and personal level that goes beyond just thinking about their disability. It will allow them to fully grow to accept the stress and disability and truly accept it and continue to grow and evolve with it. Some of the big religious issues that may be brought up in the initial interview would be what their religious affiliation is, their comfort level in discussing religion, if their religion provides a comfort level to the individual, if they have or are currently using and religious coping methods, the list goes on but the last one i will list and definitely one of the most important ones is to ask about their specific religious beliefs regarding their disability. That last question is one of the biggest and most important because their coping strategies, not just their religious coping strategy, but all of them, will all be based off their specific religion and how they feel towards the disability. 3. After viewing the following video (12.5 minutes): Incorporate information from tonight’s lecture that you perceive to be descriptive of Sam’s family’s influence on his life. Feel free to refer to theoretical models, protective factors, and family characteristics.