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After completing the video/reading assignments this week,  address the following questions, in the order presented and in as much detail as possible. Begin each question on a new line, making certain to number your responses.
1) Explain the difference between Learned Helplessness and Personal Effectiveness and discuss how Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory can be applied as a strategy for overcoming prejudice and discrimination in your daily life.
2) This week,  we viewed Jackson Katz’s talk on the importance of men taking leadership roles in reducing gender-based violence. We also viewed a social experiment about Social Conformity and Leadership showing how easily others will blindly follow the lead of another person. Based on these concepts, identify one behavior you might take to encourage others to follow your lead in reducing prejudice and discrimination.
3) My final video lecture presented Words of Wisdom from a variety of notable figures. And over the last seven weeks, we have read and shared a variety of opinions and experiences on the discussion boards. For this final question – please share what words of wisdom would you would offer to your classmates to promote social equality as we move on in our daily lives.