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According to the article “Is a college degree necessary?” by Mike Rustigan 
appearing in the Los Angeles Times on 1/13/10, President Obama “want[ed] the United States to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world” 
(A23).  In fact, Obama told Congress that “[w]e expect all our children not only to 
graduate from high school but to graduate from college and get a good-paying 
job” (A23). AssignmentBy utilizing your timed writing, the reading by Rustigan, your own experience and observations, write a focused and well-developed essay in which you: First, state whether or not every student should graduate from a 4 year college or university and explain why or why not.Then, discuss how your view on this subject can be accomplished.  In other words, if you think every student should graduate from a 4 year college, how can this be accomplished?  If not, what alternatives can we 
offer students?
Criteria for Evaluation
A well-constructed thesis that is clear and purposeful
Coherent topic sentences in each paragraph that clearly support the thesis
Focused and organized essay structure (thesis, topic sentences, etc.)
Unified and well-developed paragraphs throughout
Specific and detailed support and evidence for your arguments

Relevant support for your arguments NO MORE THAN 20% OUTSIDE MATERIAL.
Thorough and logical analysis of your ideas Coherence within paragraphs and between paragraphs (see textbook)Sentence variety and appropriate diction (NO contractions)Clear sentences edited for grammar and sentence structure problems Paper Format All take-home essays must be formatted according to MLA style (see textbook for guidelines and models).  Always provide 1” margins at the top, bottom and sides, and use a 12-point font such as Arial or Times New Roman.  Don’t forget to add 
page numbers and your last name.

5 pages MLA