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2. You must cite a work from an academic source when asked for a citation. You need a source
Acceptable sources are academic journals, Society for
Human Resource Management, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Newsweek, Time, Barron’s,
American Management Association, American Marketing Association, and other well-known
and accepted
1.How do you feel about using illegal aliens in the workforce?
Research information…

2.The economy of the United States has been erratic for the past three to four years. During this time business managers have struggled to keep their companies strong and profitable. In your opinion, what is the biggest problem facing business managers today in keeping their companies strong and profitable? Please research the topic before giving your opinion. Post your research in MLA format.

3.Do you feel that a company should pay for alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation, considering it a sickness as opposed to being a self-induced environmentally based personal problem? Explain and discuss in detail why or why not? Please do research before you post your opinion. Post your opinion/research in MLA format.

4.How can management build more effective teams to counteract the increasing stress imposed on American companies by global competition? Be specific and detailed in your explanation and discussion. Do research before you post your answer. Post your opinion/research in MLA format. This is stress on the company NOT on the employee.