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1. Why is it important to utilize educational materials such as brochures, videos, or web sites with animations and photos when learning about and the anatomy and physiology of disease for yourself, and in preparation for teaching others? 

Then, for your initial post you will:

Choose a chronic disease that either involves both the cardiovascular AND respiratory systems OR one disease for each system (two total)

Locate an educational material found on the web that  helps you to explain the anatomy and physiology of the disease(s). The more fun, engaging, or interesting, the better! Try sites such as: the CDC  web site, the NIH web site, a disease foundation web site, or other credible site 

Post the link to your material and include any  background or missing information that you think is important to know about  the disease(s) and the effect on the body. Focus on lifestyle components  that can increase one’s risk factors for the disease (being sure to indicate why this lifestyle component increases one’s likelihood for  developing the disease)