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1. (one) Original post. Compare and contrast the main arguments from one of the (three) HBR attached articles with content from a corresponding textbook chapter (150-250 words each) 

You need to clearly refer to specific items in both article and chapter. Include the page # references from the textbook.

2. (one) Reply post. Add valuable comments to the original post from one of your classmates. The answer must include information from both the article and the textbook (with page references).

 Shorter answers (about 75 net words each) and those without clear references to the article and the chapter will earn no credit.
 Do not write adjectives about the original posts (doing so may result in earning no credit). For example:Jane, this was an excellent idea. You really explained this concept very well…I could not agree more with you.  (20 words that say pretty much nothing, as you can write this every time for every post). These types of reply-posts will earn zero credit. Write about explanations and focus on adding value.